Rev. Engineering

In IDIF Design, we adapt to the models of work and performance of our customers, since the methodology and organization of our client is generally unique, with their methods, rules and tools.

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IDIF Automotive engineering services are mainly focused OEMs (manufacturers of vehicles), TIER 1s (component manufacturers) and large engineering companies. We operate in complete project management from concept definition to industrial implementation.
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We manage large, complex projects on behalf of our clients.
Full implementation of the process. We guarantee to optimise the interaction between departments without sacrificing quality, cost and timing.
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This service is used to digitalized entire objects or specific parts of those objects. Once digitized model can measure accurately, extract parts of your geometry for your redesign or scale it for later playback.
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Development time is money, especially in the automobile and aviation industry. Currently the solutions can be verified in the development of the design and functional, being a much more effective development process evaluation. And it is precisely here where we support our customers, quickly and individually. Read more…


In this time where quality and effectiveness are the primary standards of a company we can not neglect the development of our professionals, as they are the most important value of our company.
From IDIF Automotive we know that the most important for professionals and corporations is their growth, so we are committed to it. Processes of quality learning, and thanks to our experience in the sector, functional. Read more…

IDIF Automotive has stylites teams, designers and planners with extensive experience which allows you daily face new challenges with maximum guarantees. These teams can work to displaced internally or at the customer support, providing maximum flexibility in the implementation of projects. Read more…


All our experts have experience leading companies worldwide. Thanks to our broad profile of experts, we are able to cover any of the needs of your business. Read more…


We advise and supply the required software for business as the client requires, in order to give the best service adjusting costs to the minimum. Read more…


Thanks to our industry experience, we know all the learning processes and quality. With a large team of professionals, we are the most suitable for helping to develop all kinds of projects to other professionals. Read more…